Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My plans Vs His will (DIVINE INTERCEPTION)

It feels so good writing again after many months. I have no excuses for being absent for so long but the good news is, I am back for good by His mercies.

So, tonight I was reminiscing on how my journey has been and also how faithful God has been. I then remembered how He intercepted my plans and gave me His will and I thought to share. The goal of this write-up is to encourage us all to pray "His will" and not "My plan" at all times. Also, to encourage us to press on.

About 6 years ago, (2008 precisely), I almost got a job with a bank. I was actually already working in a big time telecoms company as a Data Support Engineer, but at that time,working in a bank was like the in-thing. Almost all of my friends worked in a bank. I wanted to earn all "those money" that my mates were earning. I wanted to be a "corporately suited Island or Ikoyi based " girl.

Anyway, I went for the tests, passed all of the tests,passed my first interview, went in for my medicals and all. I was actually 98% sure of my employment into this big flourishing bank. The HR personnel already marked me for training and all, but I just had to meet one more person. That one more person was supposed to be my future boss I guess. So I went in early this morning (can't remember which day precisely). Got there before 7am. I was in my best form, wearing my best smile. I already "almost" waved my Telecoms job goodbye. I was so sure!! Oh, yes I was!!!

Then, I walked in to meet the man. He definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. He wouldn't even let me answer whatever question he asked. He was asking me "off key" questions. By that, I mean, really irrelevant questions. In less than 5 mins he was done with me. I thought it was a joke. Then, he reffered me back to HR and I was told he didn't want me. It happened to be one of the worst days of my life!!! What went wrong? I called my contact in the bank and she couldn't believe what happened herself. I never for once thought  God had a hand in it. I thought it was the devil, an enemy or some kind of punishment for what I might have done in the past. I sadly went back to my Telecoms job. Everyone was like" what happened?", "why did you come back", blah blah.  I was in between "ashamed and frustrated".

Fast forward 6 years after, I am forever grateful to God I never got that job. It would have changed the course of my life. It would have so redirected me to some totally different direction, way off  of God's plans and purpose for my life. It was my plan, but His will was done. I met so many people in the course of the job I wanted to leave. People who God used to place me on the track of destiny. I discovered my self. I discovered so many things I would never have been able to discover if I was working in a bank. One thing has led to many others because of the job God never gave me. God INTERCEPTED my plans and GAVE me HIS will.

My husband once told me, "life does not  happen, God happens", especially for God's children. I believe this because in that situation, life didn't happen, God happened.

I don't know what that thing is that has not worked out for you, why don't you just pray His will. Let Him intercept your plan and give you His will. Trust me, God is NEVER wrong.

As for me, Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,(Phil 3:13))

Move on! Let go!! Let God!!!


Friday, September 27, 2013

The Acts and Art of worship.

So today, I was priviledged to share on the topic "THE ACT AND ART OF WORSHIP" on an online worship conference put together  Hemedy Music City. Hemedy Music City is a unique music body that was founded in 2007 by Director of Music, singer-songwriter Tommy Tush. Hemedy Music City stands for submerging the world with God's own music. 

I will share some of my thoughts and some of the questions that were asked and also the answers. God bless you as you read on.

SO before I start I want to share this video (Above)....some may find it funny but I think it summarizes all we will be saying today.
SO, let's define the word ACT. An act, when used as a verb, means to take action; do something, behave in the way specified.
I'd go with the definition "behaving in the way specified."
 Relating this to worship, I'd say that the true act of worship is worshiping in the specified way. This brings me to the question....what is the specified way? 
Our answer is in John 4:24. It says "God is Spirit, and they that worship Him, must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth".
The true genuine act of worship is one that flows from the Spirit, and that is also done in truth.
I can also say that true worship is NOT worship in Flesh and falsehood. 
Let's take a minute to examine what ART is....
An art is the EXPRESSION or APPLICATION of HUMAN creative SKILL and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.
So, I can say that the Art of worship is the application of human creative skills/understanding,/knowledge/ability and imagination to produce "Music/worship/songs to be appreciated primarily for the beauty/emotions/acceptance/fame/popularity and what have you.
So, simplifying both, let's just say that The true Act of worship is rooted in "SPIRIT and in TRUTH". However, the true art of worship is rooted in human reasoning (flesh), skills, abilities, wanting to be appreciated, wanting to be celebrated, and all of that
 I could also say that the ART of worship is rooted in emotions too. That's why we have so many "EMOTIONS ON DISPLAY" during worship, instead of true brokenness, transformation, connection with the Spirit of God.
As a worshiper/minister, Worshiping God in Spirit and in truth means that I have to seek out God's heart. I need to know what He is saying, what He wants to do in and through me. I need to be broken so I can deliver His total counsel. I cant continue to live in sin. I cant go contrary to His own guidelines. I need to stay constantly in the place of presence. Above all, I need to carry His presence everywhere I go because, Hey, I cant take anyone to somewhere I have never been!
On the other hand, as an ARTIST, or say, "Worship Artist", my priority is to be skillful. I need to apply my skill generously. At the end of each performance, my works must be appreciated. I want to entertain, be my best. I want to flow with the emotions. I want to focus on my package, my brand, everything that just would portray me as beautiful, great, awesome. I want to focus on MY song, NY voice, MY audience, MY pedigree, MY personality, MY market, blah, bluh, blah
I will NEVER underestimate the place of Skill, because of course, God deserves our very best. He is a God of Excellence. He Himself gives us skills, talents , abilities and all that have.
However, we need to be sure to strike the right balance. None of this should ever take the place of worshiping in Spirit and in truth, because by God's standard, that is who a worshipper is. Not the best singer, not the best soloist, not the best soprano, not the best alto or tenor, but the best of the best who would ultimately give Him the best with a broken and contrite heart. The one who would give Him His place, acknowledge Him, glorify HIM and HIM ALONE.
Needless to say is the fact that, as humans, we could easily slip into the art and dwell there, especially when the accolades are pouring in, and be like, oh my God..."Nobody hits them notes like I do". And then, we begin to take His glory. And then we can wake up from the bed of adultery, or steal, or tell lies or not just bother to RELY ON GRACE anymore because, "Once I show, I will scatter the place". Hmmm, that's dangerous.
That's why some worship and there is healing, deliverance, words of prophecy, chains are broken, signs and wonders take place. However, some worship and all we can take a way is, "wow, what a singer/dancer/entertainer and everyone leaves empty.
You know why? God will not share His glory with anyone...not even the best singers. and what have you.
Today, I encourage us to be steadfast, continually rely on His Grace at every point in time. Let's strike the right balance, give God His place. Worship Him in Spirit. Worship in Truth.
Trust me, The ANOINTING will always make the difference.
Finally, I love the way The Message translation expresses John 4:23-24. It says "It’s who you are and the way you live that count before God. Your worship must engage your spirit in the pursuit of truth. That’s the kind of people the Father is out looking for: those who are simply and honestly themselves before him in their worship. God is sheer being itself—Spirit. Those who worship him must do it out of their very being, their spirits, their true selves, in adoration.”
I guess that says it all. Do not let us get it twisted friends! God is not mocked. You can deceive us withe ART, but God will only acknowledge the true ACT OF WORSHIP.
You can check out some of the questions and answers on the Facebook page here

Thursday, November 1, 2012


I believe there is one very peculiar feeling with a lot of us believers....Sometimes the feeling of being disappointed or let down by God creeps in and tends to weigh us down.

Many times, we tend to compare our life with Christ with our life without Him...Asking questions like, is it really worth it? I serve God, I give all it takes to remain a child of God, and sometimes it just happens that God doesn't meet up with our own "expectations from Him". Sometimes those promises He has promised delay. Sometimes they don't even come when we think we needed them.

It's the end of the year again and a lot of us had great expectations for 2012. Now we are less than 2 months to the end of the year and we haven't seen anything happen. I am going to share an article I read and that has blessed me and that I believe will bless you too.


This article is for those of us who have done everything we know to carry out our mission, work through our challenge, or work out our problem God’s way, only to have it blow up in our faces.

What on earth do you do when following God not only results in more trouble, but leads you headlong right into it? When I find myself in situations like this, I look to my favorite personality in the Bible, Joseph.

The more often I read through the biblical account of Joseph’s life, the more respect I gain for this man, who remained innocent of wrong doing despite how poorly he was treated. When I grow up, I want to embrace suffering, stand for righteousness, forgive others, and honor God with my sincere, loving attitude, just as Joseph did.
Genesis 39 opens with Joseph working in the home of the Captain of the Guard’s home. Potiphar and his family were upper class Egyptians. Logic would lead us to believe that their position in Egyptian society afforded them the best their pagan culture had to offer – including everything that could potentially ensnare a sheltered, favored Hebrew boy, such as Joseph.

Despite his low position, Joseph worked diligently in Potiphar’s house – enough to get noticed and promoted. I say this because it fits his pattern. Jacob, who had a great deal of wealth in his own right, had seen fit to place his youngest son over all of his older sons. Yes, that could have been due to the fact that Joseph was his favorite – but Jacob/Israel was a hustler at heart (Genesis 25-28, 30:27-43). So it’s doubtful that he would put his wealth in the hands of an untrustworthy son – no matter how much he favored him.
With God’s favor resting upon him, Joseph quickly became second-in-command of Potiphar’s household (Genesis 39:4), then later, second-in-command of the prison (Genesis 39:21-23), and finally second-in-command of the entire nation (Genesis 41:39-43). His hard work got him noticed, but so did his good looks.
The narrative states that as Potiphar’s wife began to lust after Joseph, she propositioned him. When he turned her down, she launched a sexual harassment campaign that would put the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill debacle to shame by comparison. Finally, once she ambushed Joseph, causing him to flee so quickly that he left his cloak behind, and realized his rejection was firm, she had him thrown into prison under the false accusation of attempted rape.
Okay – Potiphar’s wife was a loser. There is no question about it. But Joseph was beyond reproach. He was noble in his rejection of her. He reasoned with her, explaining that Potiphar had been gracious to him. He reaffirmed his faith in God, stating that he could never disappoint God by sleeping with his boss’ wife. By all appearances, Joseph did everything right. And how was he repaid? He was sent to rot in jail where he would spend years of his life for a crime of which he was totally innocent.

He was thrown into what was arguably one of the worst prison systems in the ancient world, because he refused to dishonor God. And God did nothing to stop it. What do you do with that kind of reality? What do you do when you end up feeling like a complete fool for doing things God’s way?
You do what Joseph did. You determine to do your very best, wherever you find yourself, trusting that the God you follow is true to his word and will never leave you nor forsake you. When you can’t bring yourself to trust God’s actions toward you, place your trust in his character. If you truly know him, it is because you have a history with him. In other words, you have a shared past. Rely on it.
Unlike a stock fund, with God past performance does guarantee future results. That’s why he has given us the bible. If you have no personal history with God yet, or you have forgotten his faithfulness to you in the past, then pour through his word to see how he has dealt with the faithful, and to review his promises with your own eyes. Pray them back to him. Where the bible is concerned, reading is believing. He does not change. What he has done for others, he can do for you. Offer up to him the very thing, results, situation you hope for. If it is for you, he will return it. If he’s going to take it anyway, you might as well offer it up to him. Pull on his coat tails for wisdom. He tells us to ask. Stay in his face. He tells us to seek and persist. Worship him through tears if you must. Come to church mad – but come anyway. But do not leave his side. Do not let go of his hand. Do not turn away. Do not give up on him.

At one point in my life, when the bottom fell out, I remember grabbing my bible, pouring through the Psalms, circling in red ink every promise that pertained to my situation and begging God to show me how any of it could be true, given what he was allowing to happen. I felt betrayed by God and stupid for trying to live a moral life. I remember wishing I could go back to my old life B.C.. The problem was that I knew my life before Christ was a sham with a dead end. I had come too far. I could not quit. There was nowhere to go but forward.

So I plodded ahead, but my attitude was bad. But as I began to preoccupy myself with God’s word, and serving those I could help, he began to change my perspective. My situation did not change for years – many years in fact. But my attitude toward it changed so drastically that the oppression lost its hold on me. In the midst of my struggle, I experienced true freedom. A freedom that allowed me not only to wait patiently for God’s timing, to do so with a good attitude, but to thank him for the original affliction!
I am fully aware of how crazy that sounds. But I believe that is why I enjoy Joseph so much. After all he endured at the hands of his brothers, Potiphar, Potiphar’s wife, and even the negligent, lying cupbearer, he showed no traces of bitterness – only wisdom and grace. What a beautiful spirit he became in the hands of a loving God, who allowed him to suffer for the right reasons. Oh yes, when I grow up, I definitely want to be like Joseph. What a beautiful spirit.

Article culled from http://elev8.com/35807/what-do-you-do-when-god-disappoints-you/


Yaaaaay!!!!! t's November 2012. A new month. A new start. A new beginning. I wish everyone reading this blog the best of the month.

I pray we all will partake in the 11th hour miracle.

I love to leave us with this song. IT'S NOT OVER!!!! IT'S NOT FINISHED!!!! Though it's November, it could just be the beginning for you. Be blessed!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


If you will be anywhere near Houston, Texas next week Saturday, you don't want to miss this concert. The concert is being hosted by the RCCG living Word Chapel Choir and it's on the 13th of October, 2012.

The concert would feature the LWCC Choir, Yinka Sax, Dare David , Motara, worshippers club, and Enny. It promises to be a great time in God's presence.


Sometimes we just wanna thank God without the noise.....I stumbled on this song and I must say it's a simple thanksgiving song unto God by Mayor Joe. Enjoy Imela by mayor Joe.


From the title of this song, you can only be curious to know what's in the swagger that can backfire.....It's an awesome piece from Lanre Olagbaju. Once again, put on your dancing shoes and also be blessed with this swaggerlicious track that features Toyebi and J-lyricist.